Traces { 18 images } Created 9 Apr 2018

The constructed artistic involvement fine art series, Traces, explores how the interval between an experience and remembering transforms both the memory and the person. Form-based photographs use water, earth, and sky as visual representations of personal, emotionally charged moments. Some of the memories represented are happy, others are painful. As a result, the project became a cathartic journey of people and events that have shaped me into the person I am at this moment in my life.
Although there is a level of trompe l’oeil in the imagery, my intention with these aesthetically driven photographs is not to fool the eye into believing these are real places but to provide viewers with a glimpse into my inner world and my passion for nature. By doing so, I hope to inspire them to reflect upon their own memories as well as illustrate the idea that we all share in a similar human condition.
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